With a unique and diverse global background from the worlds of fashion/media, business and hospitality, Gillian has combined her experiences to help others present positively for job interviews.

The What…

Gillian Lana is a Career coach and professional Member of CDAA*,  helping University graduates and job seekers succeed in employment applications to successfully enter the workforce.

The training brings confidence and allows people to present a positive image of themselves, online, on paper and in person. Gillian assists in bridging the gap from where people are…and where they would like to be.

The Where…

Born and educated in the  United Kingdom, Gillian lived and worked extensively in Switzerland and has been based on the East Coast of Australia since 2008.

With a global reputation, Gillian regularly collaborates with Career Departments increasing employability skills, in National and International  Universities, private Hospitality Management Schools, Business schools and Governmental job placement programs in Switzerland, Australia, China and New Zealand.

gillian lana coaches and trainee
gillian lana

The How…

Tapping into her unique background of which self-marketing is a prominent part – Gillian designed and developed a range of distinctive services and workshops.

This experience brings a very innovative approach to her Coaching and assists a variety of clients to discover positive results.
With international understanding, she works with people from over 100 countries, aged anywhere from 16 to 65, bringing valuable advice in how to present the most positive self-image. Through these methods, you can be assured you’ll receive the benefits of a wide vision and cultural understanding and in relation to privacy and confidentiality; Gillian uses a strict non-discriminatory and non-disclosure policy with strong ethics and standards.

The Why…

Filled with passion to help others succeed, Gillian’s workshops and coaching methods are inter-active, effective and engaging.

Her personal branding expertise results in a professional and warm one-to-one training experience, and eventuates in an increased confidence, both personally and online.

Read some Testimonials to get valuable feedback from some of her clients.

The Qualifications…*

Gillian has held Professional Membership in the Career Development Association of Australia for over 8 years, holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Development, and  Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Her courses have also been accredited as part of the International Formation Continue training program with EduQua in Switzerland and with NEASC for the International University Sector.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gillian’s experiences, take a look at her LinkedIn profile.

gillian lana trainees with their trainer
gillian lana trainee
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