An impressive cover letter can boost your chances..

Cover letters have become a source of contention since many companies post their jobs online and so often the only necessary attachment is a CV. However, don’t eliminate it’s worth just yet! Never forget that a good cover letter is a great way of boosting that first introduction and can really enhance what you have to offer. Treat it like a carrot that could lure the hiring manager into wanting to know more about you.

Here are some great tips to help you piece it together:

Tailor-make the cover letter for each position as you would your resume. Never think you can just have a generic template that will fit all positions

Start with a line “Concerns” so that the recruiter knows immediately the position and company that you are applying for. There could be more than one opening within the Group and so this detail will make you seem organized.. and will also make sure your application goes into the correct box straight away.

Research the company to let them know how, where and why you would fit into their company culture and how you could possibly make a difference. Get into their heads, their needs and it could help you get a foot inside the door.

Research the position and try to understand exactly what they are looking for in the opening advertised. Think about what your strengths and achievements have been and write briefly about how you think it could be beneficial to them. If you can pin-point their needs and link them to your skills, instead of being vague and generic, then this will create interest and make them want to read further.

Don’t forget the ending… you started strongly so don’t just fade away! Be assertive, note that you have attached your resume and are willing to answer any other queries or questions they may have. You are looking forward to hearing back from them and setting up a time to discuss your qualifications and the position.

Through a cover letter you can show your interest… and never forget:

If you would like anyone to be interested in you…then you have to be interested in them ?

About the Author:
Gillian Lana is an experienced International Career and Interview Coach and works with some of the top Private Universities in the world, coaching graduates to find employment. She also works individually online with people from all over the world, so if you’d like to have some help and positive support to launch your career, get in touch: