So you’ve sent your CV through and been told you’ve been shortlisted for an interview – yay – great news! Next bit of information though – it’s going to be an online Interview.

So, you’d better start to think about how you’re going to set things up to put yourself in the best possible light. You’ve only got this one chance and you need to make it work for YOU!

Here are 5 precious tips to help you best prepare for the event:

  1. Find a room where there are no other people – animals – TV – or any distractions at all – preferably carpeted as this will help soften your audio and make your voice sound better.
  2. Turn off all other programs on your computer so that you have maximum computer speed. By doing this you will ensure there are no automatic updates happening or any videos about to start through another channel.
  3. Make sure your computer is plugged into the mains and not running on battery as this can also slow things down – nothing worse than a bad connection to make your voice sound like an alien!
  4. FACE the light source – this means that the light should be behind your computer and not behind your head. Remember you are looking into a camera and need to have the light illuminating your face and features and not be some weird phantom shadow ?
  5. Always have a set of headphones with you – this can help you hear a distorted audio better and also take away any echo in the room or in your voice. (You don’t have to automatically wear them but have them handy to be able to grab if the audio starts to play up)

Even if you are in your own home – remember this is still an official interview and should be treated as officially as you can.

Want to practice or need some coaching..? Get in touch with Gillian and polish your skills before the big day!