Career Chats

What could be better than hearing advice from the Professionals in our Industry? Sit back and listen to what their tips would be for anyone looking to get back into the work place...

Episode 1, June 11th 2020

Such a pleasure to have a chat with James Grist, Head of Talent at D&D London, UK. He gives us an update and some valuable insights into what’s happening in London right now with restaurants and Covid 19. He also very generously brings some excellent tips and advice into what recruiters will be looking for as we move on. I hope you enjoy this episode!

Episode 2, July 24th 2020

Thank you to the wonderful HR Team at Park Hyatt, Seoul, South Korea for your valuable insights into what’s happening in their world right now. 
Take a listen to what’s going on in Seoul, their future prospects and the great advice they give you, to moving forward.
I hope you enjoy this episode!4