4 things a recruiter will notice about the “Brand of You”

Personal Branding

Make the most of this extra time you have to sharpen your personal brand & be ready for any job opportunity when it lands on your desk. With many global job reports revealing todays’ record-setting job losses and a rising unemployment rate due to this crazy pandemic, it is important to be aware of which […]

How to ace job interviews

Online interviews

Set yourself up for success in a world where interviews, meetings, and business have all gone digital Let’s not pull the wool over our eyes – due to the pandemic, the HR interviewing landscape has changed dramatically. With over 10 years of Online Interview Coaching under her belt, Gillian Lana brings you 4 top tips […]

Best set-up for Online Interviews

skype interview, gillian lana

So you’ve sent your CV through and been told you’ve been shortlisted for an interview – yay – great news! Next bit of information though – it’s going to be an online Interview. So, you’d better start to think about how you’re going to set things up to put yourself in the best possible light. […]

Ace the Interview = Find a Job !

gillian lana is the best way for you to find the job you desire with

It would, in a perfect world, be much easier if a future employer employed people solely on what they write on a CV or Linkedin profile. Indeed writing about your journey is the easy part, it’s much harder to express. Recruiters today though, are more cued in to the “feeling” or impression that you give, […]

Tips for the older job-seeker

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Getting back into the job market after years or even decades, can be an over-whelming task ahead. Don’t worry though, you’re not alone and the most important thing to remember, you really do have a huge amount to offer with your varied life and work experiences. However if you’ve blown the dust off your CV […]

Essential wardrobe tips for interviews

gillian lana gives essential wardrobe tips for interviews

Many people think it’s important to “make a statement” and personalise their attire to stand out and be remembered in a job interview. But really, isn’t it much better to be remembered by what you said and not by what you were wearing…? Here are 5 things to think about, when putting your outfit together […]

Interview help here…

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6 different Interview tips you may not have thought of… As everyone knows, it takes literally the bat of an eye-lid to make a first impression when meeting your potential new employer – so you don’t have much time to waste. A quick zoom up and down and they’ve done the once over of your […]

How to calm interview nerves

gillian lana will help you how to relax and stay calm in an interview

So you got the phone call and they want to see you…..yes ! No matter how good your CV looks and how eloquent the Cover letter, you still have to sell yourself in person. There’s nothing like nerves to watch that job opportunity crumble away! Do you know that if you appear to be nervous, […]

Don’t make these interview mistakes & ruin your chances..

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After interviewing many people I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not only the technical skills « can you do the job » that will sway someone to hire you. Sometimes it’s the most simple things that can make or break the interview. What’s more, this can happen be before it’s even started. Here are […]

Finding keywords for cover letters

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I hear many students cry out « How on earth do I put together a cover letter ?? » First of all, don’t panic! Basically, just think of them as a shortened version of your resume which tests your writing skills and also explains why they should hire you and why you’re the right person […]