“Ace Your Interview” Video Course

Interviews are daunting… there’s no doubt about that.
So you’ve passed the first part and they’re obviously interested in you….now is YOUR time to really shine.
Understanding what they’ll be looking for and knowing how best to prepare for the specific situation, will make you feel confident…you can then relax and just be yourself. This is how you should be, this is the real you and actually what they want to see.

By working your way through this course, you will refresh your knowledge and boost your interviewing skills – it’s a real confidence booster!

This inter-active program is approximately one hour in length, contains 8 videos, valuable tips to help you see the whole process, examples to download and practice, formulas to help, a recap quiz and a completion certificate to finish it off.

What you’ll learn:

# Complete guide to all interview scenarios – the what and the why

# Interview preparation and etiquette – Top tips to get you fully organised 

# Seeing things from the recruiters side

# The most common interview questions and how best to answer them

# Formulas to prepare your answers for the more difficult questions

# Check-lists to be prepared

Once enrolled, you will have 30 day access to this Course and the chance to join our Community for regular updates and Q & A sessions.  Check out the discounts available for one or more of the complete Series!

Prices are quoted in Australian Dollars with all taxes included. Need help to convert to a different currency?

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