“Create an Epic CV” Video Course

The first impression a future employer receives is your CV and hence SO important. What’s more, this is the part of the recruitment process you have full control over, so no excuses allowed.
Times have changed and perhaps the old CV you have, is just not going to work in todays’ digital recruitment world. You need to be able to convey your history into a condensed, concise and positive report that is quickly understandable (20 seconds..) and hits the “Employ Me” button right away!

By working your way through this course, you will develop the skills to create your OWN epic CV template that you will be able to use and amend time and time again for any future job application.

This inter-active Course is around one hour in length and contains 11 videos, worksheets and documents to download, CV examples,  a recap quiz, along with a completion certificate.

What you’ll get from this:

# A wider general understanding of CV’s 

# 10 Top things a recruiter will flash on 

# The best CV lay-outs to use 

# Top tips for what to do and what not to do 

# How to address job criteria and personalise the document

# Use effective wording for powerful content

# Absolute best practice and CV etiquette 

Once enrolled, you have 6 months to access this Course, plenty of time to sharpen your skills

Get in touch and let’s get started! 

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