Interview Coaching – Trial, Feedback, Progress Package

The Job Interview is a daunting process that flusters the most skilled and qualified people.  Through our face to face online Skype Interview Coaching, you will gain confidence, learn to promote your skills and achievements within a conversation, to present the Brand Of You as the solution to their employment position.

How does the process work?

  • Book in online to secure your package
  • Gillian will confirm with you directly and organise your appointment
  • 60 minute Skype session; introduction to position desired and a bit about you, a “trial” interview session, face to face feedback on the way each question was approached and answered. You will receive an in depth personal appraisal to help build your confidence, to give you the best chance of success for all future job interviews.
  • Gillian will then securely transfer you the Video file of the interview along with the audio feedback file for you to keep on hand and review directly before your job interview.All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars. Need help to convert to a different currency?

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