“Make a magnetic Linkedin Profile” Video Course

Whether you like it or not, your Linkedin profile has become one of the most important tools in recruitment. It is even more valuable than a written CV – I call it a living, breathing CV which has the opportunity of bringing to life  the brand of YOU!
Used by over 610 million people world-wide it is not only an excellent networking tool but is also used by 90% recruiters to find new talent.  Basically, if you do not use this tool to its’ full capacity, then you are invisible to golden opportunities.

This inter-active Course will take you around one hour to complete and contains 9 videos, giving you an excellent understanding and pro-active game plan to create a new, or update your existing profile and navigate your way around the platform. You will have a check-list to work with making it an optimal tool for your future career. A recap quiz and a completion certificate finish off the package – it’s all you need to get this going!

What you’ll get out of this:

# A strong understanding of this exciting Business social media tool

# The basics to get you going correctly from the start

# How to develop each section

# Bringing in killer content

# New tricks to make your profile stand out

# How to use Linkedin effectively as a professional tool

# The knowledge to get noticed and an action plan to move forward with

Once enrolled, you will have 6 months to access this Course giving you plenty of time to sharpen your skills!

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