“Nailing First Impressions” Video Course

You’re not alone if you feel a bit overwhelmed in presenting and positioning yourself for a job interview. You will be joining hundreds of people who also feel the same.

By working your way through this course, you will develop a much stronger self-awareness and understanding of how you will be perceived, and find solutions to implement positive changes to make you stand out and have an impact when meeting a recruiter.

This inter-active Course will take you around one hour to complete and contains 6 videos, confidence-building exercises to participate in,  a recap quiz to double check your knowledge and a completion certificate.

What you’ll learn:

# The 4 Top issues of a recruiter & what he will instantly notice about you

# The 3 vital first Impressions you portray

# How to be amazing on-camera for digital interviews

# Walk the walk – have impact through your posture

# Key points to communicating successfully in an  Interview

# Talk the talk – the importance of delivering your message

Once enrolled you will have access to the Course for 10 days.
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$85.00 $49.99