“The Polished Professional” Video Course

Presenting for a job interview or work presentation needs a positive mind-set and self-confidence. Do you sometimes wonder what to wear, if it’s appropriate or the message you are going to portray?
We all have the occasional self-doubting moments, that’s a given, but using 10 years of experience working in the fashion and beauty world, Gillian and her keen eye for details, brings you professional tips to settle your worries and help you shine.

By working your way through this course, you will develop a greater knowledge of dress codes, the finer details of grooming, quick pro hair and make-up tips.. and and how to carry it all off with confidence and style.

This Course will take you around one hour to complete and contains 9 detailed videos with live make-up and hair demonstrations, a recap quiz along with a completion certificate.

What you’ll take away from this:

 # A strong knowledge on the finer details of appearance in the business world

 # 9 Top grooming tips

 # The do’s and don’ts of Dress codes 

 # Pro make-up techniques for girls X 2 both quick ‘n easy and then more definition

 # A delightful and easy professional hair-look for long hair 

 # Tips and reminders for guys

 # Check-lists and finishing touches

Once enrolled, you will have 6 months to access this Course giving you plenty of time to sharpen your appearance and present confidently.

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