Sometimes it’s the smallest of details that can give out the biggest impression. People spend so much time obsessing about what needs to be included on a CV they forget that it can be tiny words or the design that can actually make it or break it.
So, here are 5 points to check on your resume that can really make a difference in how you are initially perceived and could even influence the recruiter to actually even carry on reading, let alone invite you for an interview.

1. A funky e-mail address

Make sure the e-mail address you created five years ago when you left school, has moved on as you’ve matured! A professional email address certainly does not include hints about your age or birth date or even funny names or nicknames (e.g. tequilababy@hotmail or  Try to secure a simple email address using your own name eg and avoid complicated under-scoring, hyphens and numbers.

2. Designer Fonts

Sometimes I have a hard time even trying to figure out what the CV  actually says or my eyes go blurry with the colorful daze you have compiled. Just stick to simple fonts and layout with a font size that makes information readable (about a 10 or 11 with a 14 for your sub-titles) Refrain from using groovy fonts such as Comic or American Typewriter and just use something like Calibri or Arial which is readily accepted among recruiters and employers.

3. Weird Hobbies

If you have space to put in a few interests at the end of your CV, make sure the list is succinct, relevant and is actually of interest to a prospective employer. Avoid hobbies such as “Grooming my 10 cats” or “baking cute cupcakes”. The key here is to include interests that say something positive about your character and personality. Make sure the more relevant ones come first in the list.

4. Unrelated Work Experiences

I know you feel as though you have to talk about every instance of your life in chronological order, but maybe the summer job you had as a teenager as a Mickey Mouse look-alike was interesting and fun, but unless you are applying to work for Disney Inc., then it could be time to leave this out. Remember to just focus on the jobs that have direct relevance to your current interest for work and that will make you fit even better into the role they are offering.

5. Non-sensical Objectives

OK  so we all know you want to go far in your life, but claiming you will be the next Richard Branson could be bragging a little too much! Basically, an objective is there to convince employers you know what you want to achieve and that you are the best fit for the job. So make sure you don’t spoil your very first paragraph with an outlandish objective statement that seems too far-fetched filled with the latest buzz-words of “cutting-edge” and “synergy” etc. Instead, just include a short, clear, specific and tangible objective that shows how you aim to add value to the employer et VOILA!

In today’s job market it can only take six seconds for a hiring manager to make the “fit/no fit” decision. Follow these tips to ensure your resume steers clear of the rubbish pile!
Good luck …and don’t forget ….if you need any help get in touch through the Contact page – am here to help!

About the Author:
Gillian Lana is an experienced International Career and Interview Coach and works with some of the top Private Universities in the world, coaching graduates to find employment. She also works individually online with people from all over the world, so if you’d like to have some help and positive support to launch your career, get in touch: