What’s education without employment? Gillian can run in-house workshops or use her series of online video courses to help build your graduates’ employability and the reputation of your College brand.

Universities – Increase the employability of your graduates

Gillian Lana has over 15 years of experience and has created an exciting series of in-house or Video Courses plus the infamous individual Skype Interview Training, which are deliverable for the tertiary education sector 


Because her work has reached out to all demographics and cultures, from graduating students to senior management and older job seekers from all walks of life, Gillian’s breadth of teaching and experience is definite added-value to any Career department. The programs are bi-lingual, deliverable either in French or in English and with her dynamic and contemporary approach, alongside the third-party eye, it is of particular benefit to any university focused on increasing employability of graduates.

There are three possibilities; a new and exciting online series of Video Courses, Skype interview coaching and face-to-face workshops.

The “Boost Your Employability” Video Courses cover all topics needed to bring confidence and knowledge to any student looking for employment. Each student has his own password protected portal with documentation of Course progression and certifications received. The Courses are 50 minutes in length, are inter-active with Video delivery, and contain quizes, pdf’s and templates.  They cover all aspects of employability skills and the personal branding tips bringing a final polish to your students.

The one-hour individualized Skype Interview Training
 has already helped hundreds of students per year gain confidence from the valuable evaluation and feedback and gain the competitive edge to find employment. Most companies will now recruit online or hold digital interviews, with Skype being one of their selection methods. Getting the students focused and also tuned in for future video conferences is an essential part of today’s world of employment and recruitment preparation.

The face-to-face workshops are varied, covering a wide range of topics with over 15 detailed 50-minute presentations on employability skills and personal branding tips which can be developed and tailor-made to fit your needs.

Contact us now, to find about pricing for our Video Courses, Individual Skype Interview Training program, Face-to-Face Workshops or a combination of the three…. and let us be your partner to boost the job prospects of your graduates.


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