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What’s education without helping students find employment?
Gillian can run in-house workshops, work with individuals online or use her series of video courses to help build your graduates’ employability and the reputation of your College brand.

Universities & Schools - Increase the employability of your Graduates

Gillian Lana has over 15 years of experience working with Universities, International Business Schools and Global Hospitality Management Schools, delivering on-campus workshops and individual sessions to all levels of students.
Recently also digitally transforming her programs into a series of blended learning Video Courses, her knowledge and expertise is now easily accessible for students from anywhere in the world. 

With a career working with multiple demographics and cultures, from graduating students to senior management and older job seekers from all of walks of life, Gillian’s teaching is diverse, inclusive and flexible and definite added-value to any Career department.

The programs are bi-lingual, deliverable either in French or in English, and with her dynamic and contemporary approach, alongside the third-party eye, it is of particular benefit to any university focused on increasing employability of graduates.

3 Options Now Available:

* Individual Online Interview & CV Coaching

The one-hour individual CV Building &/or Interview Training has helped hundreds of students per year gain confidence from the support and personalised feedback to gain the competitive edge in finding employment. The world has gone digital! Students need to feel confident in creating a succinct CV and using this method of interviewing to be optimally prepared to shine. It is an essential part of today’s world of recruitment and employment.

* In Person Group Seminars

These face-to-face sessions are dynamic and inter-active, with over 10 detailed 50-minute presentations on various employability skills and personal branding tips. Workshops can be developed and tailor-made to fit your needs to fine-tune your career course offering or be added into your academic curriculum and complete your employability course offering.

* “Boost Your Employability” Video Courses

These courses cover the topics needed to arm students with skills and confidence to make their mark in todays recruitment world. Each student will receive their own password-protected portal, with documentation of Course progression and certifications.
The Courses are 50 minutes in length, easy to digest Video delivery, and contain quizzes, pdf’s and templates. 
No need for them to feel alone as sessions can be interspersed with Live Q&A sessions to bring a blended learning approac & CV

Contact us now, to find out how these options could add an accessible and outstanding student experience to your University offering.

Let us be your partner to boost the job prospects of your graduates – get in touch today!


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